An Unforgettable Evening with Jack Davis

Watch the interview on Instragram and YouTube. As the last glow of summer drew to a close, September brought with it a remarkable literary moment for Seaside's Sundog Books. Our partnership with Florida House culminated in an unforgettable evening with Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Jack Davis. The success of this collaboration was evident not just in the numbers, but in the palpable excitement and engagement of our audience.

Sundog Books, a beacon of literary passion since 1986, has always been more than just a bookstore. Our roots, established firmly by Bob and Linda White, have grown to encompass not just a repository of tales but a community of story lovers. Partnering with Florida House, a symbol of Florida's vibrant spirit and a long-standing celebrant of our state's literary tradition, felt like a natural and heartwarming extension of our mission.

Jack Davis' "The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea", a meticulous dive into the American South's history, ecology, and cultural landscape, was the perfect centerpiece for this union. The novel, much like Seaside itself, emphasizes the region's deep maritime ties, shedding light on forgotten narratives and emphasizing the vital connection between land and sea.

The event, a blend of in-person and virtual interactions, catered to a diverse audience. On September 7th, the Instagram Live broadcast echoed with fervent discussions and insights from Davis, right from the cozy corners of Sundog Books. Aided by Florida House's platform, the event managed to bridge the gap between the tactile feel of physical books and the dynamic immediacy of the digital realm.

A resounding thank you goes out to Jack Davis, for sharing not only his work but also his invaluable insights, making the evening truly remarkable. Equally, our gratitude extends to Florida House for their invaluable partnership and shared vision in celebrating Florida's literary heritage. And to all of you who joined us live, whether from the comfort of your homes or within the welcoming walls of Sundog Books, your presence transformed the evening into a celebration of literature, history, and community.

If you missed the event or wish to relive its magic, we are thrilled to announce that the full interview is available on both our Instagram and YouTube channels. We encourage everyone to immerse themselves in this enlightening conversation, a testament to the enduring power of stories that resonate deeply and transcend generations.

As we reflect on the evening's success, we look forward to more literary explorations, more shared moments, and above all, to continue being a place where genuine narratives, filled with authenticity and passion, come alive.

For those eager to journey with us further, dive into the original article published in the Seaside Times "Pulitzer Prize Echoes: Seaside's Sundog Books Partners with Florida House" by Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder, that set the stage for this incredible event.

Here's to tales that echo, readers who engage, and memories that endure.