Seaside Picket Fences

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"Seaside teaches us that
there is another kind of growth--growth that occurs in concentrated,
walkable settlements instead of an endlessly dispersed sprawl." --The
Boston Globe Seaside is a world-famous Florida Panhandle town created by
renowned planning pioneers and architects. This fascinating, beautiful
example of urban design has been praised by everyone from expert
journalists to England's Prince of Wales. Developed around the
fundamental idea that a community is forged by social, pleasant design,
the Seaside code decrees that all structures have a picket fence. The
fences that range so dazzlingly in form and style are required for their
aesthetic appeal and their unique ability to define communal space.
Steven Brooke captures them in stunning detail in the photographic
journey Seaside Picket Fences.


Seaside Picket Fences
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