Seaside Notecards

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Tourists from every continent travel to Seaside, Florida, to enjoy
its beautiful beaches, its award-winning architecture, its diverse
restaurants, and its wide program of cultural and sports events.
Designed by small-town-planning pioneers Andres Duany and Elizabeth
Plater-Zyberk, Seaside boasts work from renowned architects such as Leon
Krier and Walter Chatham. Even the Prince of Wales, England's and
perhaps the world's harshest architectural critic, has called Seaside a
model of humane urban planning.

Now the serene twilight cityscapes, intimate interiors, and even the
Yellow House (the first home in Seaside) are presented to you in this
dazzling collection of twelve notecards. By flipping through this
artistically photographed assortment, it is easy to see all of the
elements that make Seaside the small town that has influenced
architecture throughout the world.

Seaside Notecards
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