Postcards of Seagrove

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About the Book:  Seagrove is a small beach town located in northwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Seagrove is also a state of mind. Postcards of Seagrove might best be described as a somewhat autographical, semi-fictitious history, but without a cohesive narrative. Hence, the notion that these are “postcards”. It is an attempt to capture the spirit of beach living, in and around Seagrove Beach in the “early days”, roughly the sixties, seventies, and eighties, but venturing into the near present. It is a combination of short vignettes, mostly two or three pages, describing bits of the lifestyle of a young man during this time period, and it tries to tiptoe between true history and the surrealistic thoughts of our young man, sometimes blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Although most of these postcards are settled in the warm, fuzzy decades of the past, some of them are only settled in the author’s mind, perhaps, also, warm and fuzzy.

About Garrett Horn:  The author is a person who has traveled a lot. As the son of an Air Force officer, Garrett was able to live in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Germany by the time he was 10 years old. During that early period of his life, he was also able to visit Rome, Jerusalem, Cairo, Athens, Heidelberg, Paris, and Amsterdam. Most of his high school and college days were spent between Ft. Walton and Tallahassee in the Florida panhandle, but in reality, no matter where he lived, his heart was always in Seagrove. In 1983, while working as a journeyman carpenter, he had the privilege to join a small group of people, who were just beginning the construction of the town of Seaside. It was around this time that he began to write small descriptions of what he saw and felt, and as the years rolled on, these notebooks of paper gradually began to form the core of Postcards of Seagrove. Garrett continues his career in home building, being one of the many proud builders in this great community of craftsmen, dedicated to building some of the finest houses to be found anywhere. Somewhere, in the years that have transpired since those golden years, at the beginnings of Seaside, the author has assumed maturity, along with marriage, grown children, and even grandchildren. He still lives in Seagrove, with his wife, Nina, on the lakefront property that his father first discovered in 1959. Perhaps these changes, and his new outlook on life, will help create more postcards.



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