New Release Tuesday A Literary Oasis

A gust of fresh, literary air breezes through Sundog Books every Tuesday. Akin to the first light of dawn, New Release Tuesday promises a fresh slate of tales waiting to be unfolded, characters ready to be met, and adventures set to begin. We know you've been waiting with bated breath to see what's new in the literary world, and we’re thrilled to share the latest arrivals. From haunting thrillers to profound essays, this week’s releases are a treat for every bookworm.

Book Highlights:

1. "Thin Skin Essays" by Jenn Shapland:
Delve into a world where personal and profound intertwine. Shapland crafts a set of essays that beautifully explore themes of identity, trauma, illness, and the environment. With every narrative, she artfully weaves her experiences and insights, making "Thin Skin Essays" a testament to vulnerability and strength.

2. "Fever House" by Keith Rosson:
Step into a world of shadowy government agencies, rock stars past their prime, and a hand with unimaginable dark powers. This supernatural thriller promises to take you on a ride where reality's walls might just crumble.

3. "Under the Tamarind Tree" by Nigar Alam:
History isn’t just dates and events; it's deeply personal. Alam tells the harrowing and heartfelt tales of four friends affected by the Partition of India and the subsequent war. Amidst the backdrop of political upheaval, stories of love, betrayal, and violence emerge.

4. "The Romantic" by William Boyd:
Travel through time and across continents with Cashel Greville Ross. In a story that’s grand in its scope, Ross’s life intersects with iconic historical figures, wars, and a timeless romance. Boyd's narrative offers a poignant reflection on identity, love, and fate.

5. "Beneath Dark Waters" by Karen Rose:
Vampires, vaqueros, and vendettas converge in this intense romantic suspense novel set on the Texas-Mexico border. When past love and present danger collide, a thrilling tale of secrets, betrayal, and passion unfolds.

6. "No Meat Required" by Alicia Kennedy:
Kennedy offers a captivating journey into the world of plant-based eating. More than a diet or trend, she delves into its history, politics, and ethics, showcasing its transformative potential for both individuals and the planet.

7. "The Great White Bard" by Farah Karim-Cooper:
Shakespeare's works have long been celebrated, but Karim-Cooper sheds light on their darker legacies. Exploring how they’ve been wielded to support oppressive structures, this critical analysis invites readers to see the Bard in a new, thought-provoking light.

8. "Vampires of El Norte" by Isabel Canas:
The year is 1846. The Texas-Mexico border is a land of war, racism, and... vampirism? A curandera's magic, a vaquero's courage, and the allure of a vampire converge in this haunting gothic western tale.

9. "Tyranny of the Gene" by James Tabery:
Dive into a thought-provoking critique of personalized medicine and its implications. Tabery unravels the complexities behind genetic-based healthcare, highlighting its limitations and proposing an inclusive vision for the future.

New Release Tuesday at Sundog Books isn’t just about fresh arrivals; it's about embarking on new journeys and discovering fresh perspectives. Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling mystery, a deep dive into history, or a reflective essay, our shelves promise something special for you.

Feel the joy of holding a crisp, new book in your hands. Shop in-store to let our team guide you, or find these treasures online at Every story awaits its reader, and we hope you find yours this week.