Inside Sundog's Social Media Success

Originally Published June 2023

Hey there, literati! Are you ready to stir up your routine? Sundog Books is taking social media by storm on InstagramFacebook + TikTok, and we're inviting you to jump in the fray!

Ready to venture into Wes Anderson's quirky cosmos? Our channels are sizzling with a cheeky reel featuring two of his iconic characters battling for Sundog's ownership - a quirky twist that's set our digital space alight. For all Anderson fans, it's an adventure that adds an unexpected dash of spice to your daily scroll.

But that's just the appetizer. Each Tuesday, we dish up a bold selection of the week's most tantalizing new releases. From thought-provoking non-fiction to captivating novels, we're heating up conversations across our platforms and invite you to join the literary banquet.

Craving a glimpse into the eclectic and vibrant book life? Our daily posts serve up a full course of Sundog flavor - showcasing Seaside, Florida book experiencesstaff picksquirky book inspired videoscustomer insightsauthor events, stunning collab pieces with Black Bear Bread Company and Modica MarketWes Anderson Style reel of course, and an authentic taste of our beachside backdrop. HINT: we also have a beautiful Amavida Coffee collab piece about to drop... stay tuned!

Whew, that's a lotta info + oh so much linking. 

So, if you're ready to pepper your feed with a blend of bookspalm tree life, and a sprinkle of surprise, follow the Sundog trail on InstagramFacebook, or TikTok.

We're more than just a bookstore; we're a indie book community waiting to welcome you to the feast. Dig in, the table's set!