Fresh Off the Shelves: This Week's New Arrivals at Sundog Books

Hello bookworms and bibliophiles! It's time for another exciting roundup of new arrivals at Sundog Books. Each week, our shelves welcome a selection of fresh tales, each set to transport you into captivating worlds and enrich your literary journey. So, let's take a tour of the narratives that have arrived this week.

First up, we have "California Golden" by Melanie Benjamin. Step into the exhilarating world of California surf culture alongside two sisters who yearn for the family they never had. A tale of dreams and desire, this novel is sure to make a splash in your summer reading list.

Next is "I Will Greet the Sun Again" by Khashayar J. Khabushani. Experience an Iranian American boy's nuanced journey, growing up in '90s LA. Khabushani's poignant portrayal of immigrant experience and youthful resilience will surely stir hearts.

Don't miss "Time’s Mouth" by Edan Lepucki. Venture into the mystical landscape of California with Ursa, a girl with the extraordinary power to traverse memory. Lepucki's imaginative storytelling will leave you spellbound.

In "Disruptions" by Steven Millhauser, you'll explore the unsettled yet familiar realities of American life through a collection of eighteen riveting stories. Millhauser's masterful prose is a treat for all fans of short fiction.

"Those We Thought We Knew" by David Joy invites readers to step into the shoes of a compassionate caregiver on a quest to solve a vicious crime in this intense noir novel. Joy's gripping narrative is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Travel back in time with "Evergreen" by Naomi Hirahara, the second book of the Japantown Mystery series. Follow the post-WWII life journey of a Japanese American nurse's aide and gain a poignant look into a tumultuous period of history.

"The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store" by James McBride is an epic, multi-generational tale of a Korean family enduring the hardships of Japanese occupation. McBride's powerful narrative serves as a potent reminder of our collective history.

Fans of classic love stories should check out "The Hundred Loves of Juliet" by Evelyn Skye. Immerse yourself in a modern reimagining of Romeo and Juliet, where a woman unravels her role in a love story that transcends time and place. Skye's innovative take on this timeless romance offers a fresh perspective.

"The End of August" by Yu Miri introduces readers to a Korean running prodigy preparing for the Tokyo Olympics under the Japanese flag. This potent narrative of ambition and identity is certain to captivate readers.

Lastly, dive deep into our planet’s aquatic depths with "The Underworld" by Susan Casey. Accompany scientists and explorers into the unknown in this enlightening book. Casey's meticulous research and vivid description will open your eyes to the wonders beneath the surface of the sea.

So, why wait? Whether you're in for a literary treat or simply want to browse, drop by Sundog Books today and grab these fresh titles hot off the press. We're always here, ready to fuel your love for books. Happy reading!