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Celebrated Southern author River Jordan will be joining us Saturday April the 4th at 4pm.  We hope you will join us in welcoming her as she signs her new work, Confessions of a Christian Mystic.  

About the Author:

River Jordan is an established literary figure, speaker, teacher, and radio host. Her work has been featured by: Publishers Weekly, Booklist, NPR's Book Talk, Guideposts Magazine, and The Southern Literary Review. She has written four novels and her most recent book is nonfiction: Praying for Strangers: An Adventure of the Human Spirit. Her work has also been featured in anthologies such as Southern Writers on Writing, Southern Sin: True Stories of the Sultry South & Women Behaving Badly, and A Second Blooming. Jordan has spoken at The Southern Festival of Books, Festival of Faith and Writing, and other conferences, book festivals, churches, universities and retreats. She travels the country speaking on The Power of Story, is a regular contributor to Psychology's Today's Spirituality blog, and is the host and producer of the literary radio program, Clearstory, which airs from Nashville, TN where she makes her home.

About Confessions of a Christian Mystic

With a unique mix of passionate revelation and quirky humor, River Jordan takes us on a journey through her Southern childhood to her present-day life as a novelist. Her stories run the gamut from dancing disco nights and midnight desert rides to surprise visitations with the Divine. Included are comforting letters to personal friends and loved ones about faith, death, heartbreaks and their futures. Confessions of a Christian Mystic is a highly original work about an extraordinary faith that never loses touch with current culture or everyday realities. Jordan invites us to join in on her wild ride searching for the holy mysteries of God. This haunting work will leave you deeply comforted and full of hope.

Hailed as "a book for our times," Confessions gently leads us closer to that Divine mystery that shapes us and gives us life.

Praise for Confessions:

“Raw-boned. Unflinching. Gut-level honest. This is the kind of real that explodes! River Jordan bears her soul as she recounts her lifelong search for God and meaning. Read it and be prepared for the barn doors on your own beliefs to be blown wide open.”
— Bren McClain, author of One Good Mama Bone

 “What  I love about Confessions  is that it reads like a conversation with a best friend about all the big questions. A conversation where there is room for me, too. A conversation with the pieces of the puzzle we experience and then try in vain to assemble into the whole truth... and in doing so sometimes assemble OUR whole truth. At least for this moment. Because the finer points of our truth can be dynamic.”
—Kaya McLaren, author of How I Came to Sparkle Again and On the Divinity of Second Chances

“In her latest book, River Jordan confesses to having a pathological hunger for God. To guide those who would seek Him, she says the world must have its mystics—its Joans and its Johns. And I would add, its Rivers. Jordan raises the bar that writers like Anne Lamott have set, as she shows us how to find the mystical divine—which she calls ‘God’s wild card’—in the messy stuff of everyday life. This is a must read for everyone who loves the beauty of language and the power of story. Both  can lead us to communion with God when those words are in the gifted hands of River Jordan.”
—Susan Cushman, author of Cherry Bomb and Tangles and Plaques: A Mother and Daughter Face Alzheimer’s, and editor of A Second Blooming: Becoming the Women We Are Meant to Be and Southern Writers on Writing.
“River Jordan once again explores the spiritual aspect of the human journey through her tender lens. She nudges us out of our comfort zones and into realms of personal discovery. With a master’s hand, she peels open every raw corner of her own experiences so that we close the book forever shaped by this soul-stirring story. Delivered in small but powerful doses, River’s words offer good medicine to any heart that has known hunger or hurt, love or loss. This is a book for any heart that dares to remain open in this great, big, beautiful, cruel world.”
—Julie Cantrell, New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of Perennials

Confessions of a Christian Mystic is a flawless mix of personal memoir, musings on faith, and love letters to the messiness of humanity. I fell head over heels for River's melodious prose and loved basking in her reflections. I can't wait to put this on the shelf with the likes of Anne Lamott, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Nadia Bolz-Weber.”
—Catherine Bock, Parnassus Books Inventory Manager and Adult Buyer
“If you’re burned-out on the quick-fix schemes and robot-speak of today’s Christian literature, get in the truck and take a mystical road trip with River Jordan. (Don't worry, mystic just means searching for Something Bigger and River is honest enough to admit she hasn't figured it out yet.) Raw and real as a gravel road through rural Alabama, River's Confessions is guaranteed to stir your soul and lead you down the wandering path home. 
Here's a book for all us hard-luck, outlaw, C-minus Christians hoping, wandering and trying to hold on. Its the antidote, if you will, to all that church-y syrup and motivational BS packaged as ‘inspirational’ when it only makes us feel even more messed up than we did before. Stripped-down and honest-to-the-bone, River Jordan's Confessions of a Christian Mystic will not only bring you closer to Jesus - that misfit friend of sinners - it just might help you find yourself.”
—JM Blaine, author of Midnight, Jesus & Me
“In Confessions of a Christian Mystic, River Jordan’s adventures in faith are both honest and revelatory. We are extraordinarily fortunate to travel alongside River Jordan as she speaks to us with wit, wisdom, and clarity about the path she has taken, the mystical understandings she has discovered, and wounds revealed and healed. In chapters that connect us with everything from our faith to our doubt, this is a book for everyone forging ahead on their own mystical journey.  With her storytelling magic, Jordan brings us into her world while asking the important questions about faith, purpose, and love. A profound book to keep on your shelf, and to give to those you love.”
—Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author
“In Confessions of a Christian Mystic, writer and novelist River Jordan shares her lifelong spiritual journey to find her place in this world and to understand the nature of the next.
This book is an honest look at the messy nature of belief, and Jordan reminds us all that glimpses of the divine are there for us to see if we have the wisdom and the strength to peel back the layers of doubt. The series of essays in this collection range from the wonderings of an innocent child about whether God lives in the clouds to the heartfelt worries of a mother with grown children wandering in harm’s way. In each, the author’s spiritual glass is more than full enough to quench the thirst that comes from wanting to know. Confessions of a Christian Mystic is a book for our times, and one that you should read with an open mind and a full heart.”
—Raymond L. Atkins, author of Set List, South of the Etowah, and Sweetwater Blues
"From growing up surrounded by a band of strong, faith-filled Southern women to encountering God while sleeping in an Airstream trailer, Confessions of a Christian Mystic allowed me to glimpse behind acclaimed author River Jordan’s veil, proving my supposition that she has led—and continues to lead—an extraordinary life. Part American history, part autobiography, while filled with River Jordan’s penchant for lyrical writing, Confessions of a Christian Mystic is an intimate glimpse at one woman’s spiritual journey and encourages us to look at our own journeys with the same introspection and gratitude."
—Jolina Petersheim, bestselling author of How the Light Gets In 

Event date: 

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 4:00pm

Event address: 

89 Central Square
Seaside, FL 32459
Confessions of a Christian Mystic Cover Image
ISBN: 9781546035688
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: FaithWords - April 2nd, 2019

From the author of Praying for Strangers and four Southern gothic novels comes a chronicle of faith and spirituality that is personal, raw, wise, revelatory - and very funny.


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