Michael Hewes Signs the Tempestuous Trial of Mabelline Meriweather

The Hewes Family

Looking for an unusual, bird-related gift for the holidays, or perhaps an unusual kids book for a young person in your life?  Visit us Friday November 23rd to learn more about this charming new book:

Maybelline Meriweather has been put on trial for the most heinous of crimes--stealing an egg from another bird's nest! Maybelline, without a doubt one of the most colorful citizens of the town of Avian Mile, finds herself in a difficult spot as the accused and, after consulting with the Mockingbirds, retains renowned Atticus Peck to take her case. A riveting courtroom drama ensues, rich with revelations, cross-examinations, and flighty admissions. In the end, justice is served, and Maybelline is finally-with much joy and fanfare-able to explain the curious behavior that first marked her as a suspect. Told in alliterative style and referencing more than fifty fascinating and beautifully illustrated bird species, Maybelline's tale is one to be enjoyed by readers of all ages-feathered or not. Written by Michael Hewes and Illustrated by Sarah Hewes.


Event date: 

Friday, November 23, 2018 - 10:00am

Event address: 

89 Central Square
Seaside, FL 32459
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