When the Night Breaks (Paperback)

When the Night Breaks By H. M. Darling Cover Image

When the Night Breaks (Paperback)


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Love is easier in the dark... isn't it?

Willa has lost everything. Her family. Her home. Her love. Even her life. But, if there's one thing she's good at, it's picking herself up and starting again. On a rainy night in November, Willa finds herself back on the streets of Paris where she died, determined to find a reason to smile again.

After a car accident stole his life, Wren wakes up every morning and falls asleep each night hating the monster death made him. When Willa finds him on the edge of the Seine, ready to drive a stake through his own heart, she finds something familiar in his eyes... loneliness.

For each step Willa takes forward, Wren takes one back. It seems like the only time they truly belong together is in bed. If only Wren would open his mind to the life he could live... if only Willa would let herself be happy in one moment instead of worrying about the next... if only the night was enough to hide their secrets.

Product Details ISBN: 9798985452136
Publisher: Hm Darling
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 292
Language: English