Nature Inspired Intelligence for Natural Terrain Understanding (Paperback)

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Nature Inspired Intelligence for Natural Terrain Understanding (Paperback)


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Living nature is full of engineering marvels. It has already gone through billions of years of trial and error to find elegant and amazing solutions to process and design problems. It has always unlocked scores of its mysteries and its endless capabilities making us remind that till now, we are just able to explore only the tip of the iceberg of what nature has to reveal to us. With watchful scrutiny, we would flabbergast ourselves with the verity that, the solution of anything and everything that we are searching, is already there with nature. It just depends on us to explore, understand, learn and process while always keeping in mind that we are not afar but very much a part of nature. The present research work is an attempt to translate nature's inspiration into technology of tomorrow in the domain of geospatial terrain understanding. The guiding principle of nature inspired techniques is to attain robustness, tractability and low cost solutions even if the system is embedded with uncertainty, imprecision, approximation and partial truth. Our observation is that, this provides an appropriate base to deal with the geo-spatial information. These techniques signify a beautiful way of framing the design process to be cognizant of how nature does things. In a way, these techniques are reshaping our future. The present research work has acquired significance because of the advent of nature inspired paradigms that facilitates quicker, transparent decisions in a time constrained and data scared situation. In this context, the main objective of the thesis is formulated as fol

Product Details ISBN: 9786493579001
ISBN-10: 6493579007
Publisher: Samiksha Goel
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2023
Pages: 226
Language: English