Vegan Junk Food: A Down and Dirty Cookbook (Hardcover)

Vegan Junk Food: A Down and Dirty Cookbook By Zacchary Bird Cover Image

Vegan Junk Food: A Down and Dirty Cookbook (Hardcover)


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Not all vegans do yoga thrice daily or thrive on kale juice. This book is for anyone curious about cooking meat-free, who DGAF about carbs.

This is the anti-vegan cookbook for vegans. Almost every vegetarian and vegan cookbook focuses on the whole wheat/kefir/green cleanse/salt lamp/lentil aspect of living a cruelty-free diet. But what about those of us who actually dream of a greasy burger all day and all night, but simply can't justify eating animal products? Or those of us who just wanted to opt out of the environmentally unsustainable meat industry? Or anyone who is just keen to broaden their culinary horizons and dip a toe in the waters of veganism? Like author Zacchary Bird. If you see and taste the world the same way as Zac, then this is the cookbook for you.

Inside this epic volume you'll find easy-to-follow recipes for deep-fried mac 'n' cheese balls, jalapeno poppers, Philly faux-steak, The Big Zac (i.e. a Big Mac, reimagined and reborn), and deep-fried banana fritters.

Unlike other vegan cookbooks that you might've come across, this book won't have you searching through a spice market for five hours just to find all the ingredients. These recipes are supermarket-ready and can be made by even the most novice chef. Because who said that living without meat meant that you couldn't get greasy AF? They were wrong, and this book is (cruelty-free) proof.
Zacchary Bird is a writer and vegan recipe developer based in Melbourne, Australia, with a penchant for plant-based burgers. This is Zacchary's first book.
Product Details ISBN: 9781925811391
ISBN-10: 1925811395
Publisher: Smith Street Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2020
Pages: 176
Language: English
'An unabashed down-and-dirty guide for when you're craving fast food, from greasy burgers to a meat loather's pizza, plus meat-free souvlaki, herb-stuffed quesadillas and "fablova" thrown in for good measure. So put aside your preconceptions about mung beans and kale chips, because this is a cookbook about big flavours and fun recipes.' - Good Food