The Dreamcatcher Codes (Paperback)

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The Dreamcatcher Codes (Paperback)


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The earth is gasping for breath; its only hope is the sacred Codes of Nature. But they’ve been stolen—snatched by a giant raven during a raging storm.

SOPHIA ROSE, Guardian of Mother Earth, has summoned MAIA from the North to lead FALCON, AVA, and YUE, on a quest to find the Codes and save the planet.

But the odds are against the young rescuers. Time is running out: the bees are dying, the oceans are filled with plastic—and a dark energy lurks in the shadows, threatening their search.

Powered by the elements of earth, air, fire and water, messages from mystical dreamcatchers, guidance from the ancestors, and wisdom from the land—this fierce sisterhood must rely on courage, mythic horses, and each other if they are to succeed.

Ultimately, their epic adventure takes them on a daring journey into a deeper understanding of their own unique place in the universe.

The Dreamcatcher Codes builds bridges, unity, and hope, and illuminates two critical issues of our time: climate change and girls claiming their voices and vital place in the world.
Barbara Newman always wanted to be a cowgirl. Growing up in New York didn’t stop her. She took that can-do spirit and became an award-winning global creative director, leaving an indelible mark on brand culture. After hearing an NPR story about the American cowgirl, she was so inspired, she left the ad world and found herself in Montana, Wyoming, and Texas filming a documentary about their lives. An advocate for empowering girls, Barbara facilitates girls’ leadership programs, and was part of the think tank that inspired the Fred Rogers Center for Children’s Media/Education. This is her first novel.
Product Details ISBN: 9781733653473
ISBN-10: 1733653473
Publisher: Green Writers Press
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English
"Imagination, adventure and hope rests within these pages." —Great-grandmother Mary Lyons, Ojibwe Elder and Author