The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls (Paperback)

The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls By Laurie Israel Cover Image

The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls (Paperback)


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Getting married? Wondering about Prenuptial Agreements?

For anyone who is getting married, embarking on a prenuptial agreement is often a very distressing and disappointing journey. Sometimes the negotiations irreparably damage the marriage, or even cause a couple to break up. The Generous Prenup details the problems that prenups can cause, and gives a couple guidance on how to foster a more peaceful and informed process with more caring and sensitive solutions.

The Generous Prenup will be invaluable sourcebook for people who are considering having prenups, their families, lawyers, and financial advisors. In addition, married people who are finding that disagreements over money are impairing their marriage will find the content of this book extremely useful in analyzing and dealing with the roots of their discord. Postnuptial agreements (agreements made after the marriage) are possible solutions to some of these problems.

This well-researched book, written by a leading attorney in the field, can help a couple understand how prenups change the laws of marriage, and how these changes may affect the marriage itself, for better and for worse. The book contains many helpful techniques to soften the heartlessness that is often embodied in standard prenuptial agreements.The Generous Prenup provides concepts and tools which foster creative and collaborative decision-making.

The Generous Prenup is engaging and easy-to-understand. It contains humor as well as informative illustrations describing typical factual patterns present in many prenup negotiations. The Generous Prenup contains many sections on the dangers of prenups in first marriages. And the book details the challenges and opportunities for couples making essential financial arrangements in second marriages and how prenups can help.

The Generous Prenup explains why, if you decide to have a prenup, mediation may be the best way to start the process. It also explains how to find a suitable prenuptial agreement attorney. The book is a very readable primer of all the laws affecting marriages, and how prenups change those laws.

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Publication Date: April 2nd, 2018
Pages: 384
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