Russ Whitten Signs Have You Ever Wondered?

 Please join us between 10am and noon Monday the 24th - Russ Whitten will be signing Have You Ever Wondered?  Come on out, meet the author, check out the book. ^_^

In just a couple of generations America has moved from a "Christian nation" to a "post- Christian nation." We've drifted from the moorings of biblical authority, absolute truth, God as Creator and Designer of the universe, and Jesus Christ as the death-conquering Savior. We have raised a generation of Christians who question if all they've been taught about Christianity is true. They've been told their belief system has no more foundation than myths and fairy tales. Russ Whitten systematically challenges the prevailing culture and the drifting church to examine the overwhelming evidences for God, Jesus, and the Bible. He employs logic and scientific evidence to point to the eternal truths that have created and sustained our world. Whitten's ultimate goal is for readers know that the Christian faith is not only true, but is immensely attractive, extremely satisfying, and profoundly relevant.

Event date: 
Monday, July 24, 2017 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Event address: 
89 Central Square
Seaside, FL 32459